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Troop 356 annual events

Troop 356 is always doing something year round.  As a boy lead troop, here are some of the events they've chosen to do in the past:

Lost Creek backpacking campout:  A beautiful backpacking weekend.  This is an introductory to backpacking and involves a 3-5 mile hike into the camp site, where the scouts just have a relaxing time for the weekend.  This is one of two family campout events.

Climbing a 14'r:  Every year the scouts chose a 14'r to camp and climb up.  We camp at a base camp, get up early and achieve the assent by 12:00 noon, and head back to base camp.  This is a family campout, but all must be hardy hikers.

Paul Bunyan campout:  This is a weekend campout where the scouts learn knife and ax safety, and get to go out and chop down dead trees for the required Troop yearly firewood supply.  This usually takes place near Woodland Park, or Lake George.

The Crags campout:  This is a one night campout up behind Pikes Peak.  Head up Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon.  Usually there is a good bit of snow on the ground resulting in incredible scenery, and, of course, snow games.

HUT Trip:  This is a winter event allowing 24 scouts the opportunity to hike back into mountains, and enjoy a weekend at one of the 10th Mountain Division huts they have out there.  This also includes snowshoeing if snows permit

JDON Cabins at Camp A:  The scouts love to hang out for a weekend at the JDON cabins at Camp Alexander, near Lake George.  This is a winter event which enables the scouts to enjoy ice fishing, hiking, and snow tubing.  Also, if Camp A offers Ice Climbing, we take advantage of that as well.

OKPIK:  This is a weekend for the hardy folk!  This is a once in a life-time opportunity for scouts and adults to go up and build igloos and sleep overnight in them.  The scouts and parents come back having a great time, but they've worked hard!

B-52 campout at USAFA:  This is a close-to-home campout right over at the United States Air Force Academy.  It is a great opportunity for the new scouts to enjoy their first taste of Boy Scout camping.

High Plains Camporee:  This is a spring time weekend event hosted by the Pikes Peak Council out in Burlington Colorado.  They offer a variety of merit badge selection, and even aviation rides if the scouts are interested.

The Great Sand Dunes campout:  Located at the Great Sand Dunes National park, the troop enjoys a weekend of camping and hiking through the dunes.

Summer Camps:  Each summer the scouts decide which summer camp they will be doing.  The troop has done local camps such as Camp Alexander and Camp Dobbins, and have done distant camps such as Camp Buffalo Bill, WY.  They also do HIGH ADVENTURE camps such as Northern Tier, Sea Base, and Philmont.