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Joining our Pack: Fees & Dues

About our fees & dues
    Our unit is funded by your generous contributions. Cub families will make two payments:
    1. National-Council fees: This pays for administration, curriculum, standards, training, and safety programs.
    2. Unit-Pack dues: This pays for our awards, equipment, treats, chartering fees, and other supplies for our Pack's enjoyment.
    The total fees and dues for one year is $180.
    • National-Council costs either $111 for new Cubs, $86 for returning Cubs. (Follow this link to see the national-council fees.) 
    • Unit-Pack costs the remaining balance: $69 for new Cubs, $94 for returning Cubs.
    If you cannot afford these fees and dues, please talk to us. Our chartering organization, the Wasatch Presbyterian Church, wants to ensure that no earnest Cub and their family are not left out. We can help.

    How to pay
    • Pay the National-Council fees online with the instructions below. There will be credit-card fees (no more than $4 or so) for online payment.
    • Pay the Unit-Pack fees by cash, Venmo (contact the Pack admin for details), or check payable to Cub Pack 3038
    Paying the National-Council fees online
      Go to the following URL: 

      How the fees are allocated: 
      • To the national organization (based in Irving, Texas): $80 
      • To the council, Crossroads of the West (based in Ogden, Utah): $6 
      • A one-time, new member sign-up: $25 (Any Cub already participating from last year does not need to pay this.)
      • Total for new Cubs: $111
      • Total for returning Cubs: $86 
      • Optional "Scouts Life" magazine (a great, classic publication): $15 (total $126 / $101
      First screen
        In the first screen, put the following in the form: 
        • Registration Type: New Registration 
        • Registration Amount: $111 
        • (Scout Life Magazine: $15 - optional) 
        • Personal Liability: $0 
        • Name: Parent's Name (not the Cub's) 
        • Email: Parent's Email (not the Cub's) 
        • District: Wasatch Peaks 
        • Unit Type: Pack 
        • Unit Number / Sponsor: 3038 
        • Notes: Write "Fees for", then put your Cub Scout's name. (If you are registering more than one Cub, you will repeat this process to make separate payments.)

        Second screen
          The second screen will confirm what you entered.

          Third screen
            The third screen is a typical payment screen. Enter your credit card and billing information. You will be billed a credit card fee.

            Once you submit your payment, let the Pack Committee chair Cabot Nelson know. Forward any confirmation email you receive to his email at

            The staff at the council in Ogden will link your payment to your application or account. The Pack wants to ensure that your Cubs get properly registered and you get access to the Scoutbook advancement tracker.