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Frequently Asked Questions....

Why should I join Scouts?

Scouting is a great way to have fun and meet new friends, and do really cool things, like camping, bicycle hikes, and even going to adventure parks.  You learn new things and you get to feel proud of your accomplishments.  There are a lot of different new activities to explore and we learn about our world and new skills by earning merit badges such as Canoeing, First Aid, Computers, Space Exploration, and Citizenship in the World.  We also learn how to be a leader, which helps us in school and in the community.    

Why should I join Troop 3?

The Boy Scouts in Troop 3 are very proud that they lead the troop.  They make decisions in the leadership council and the adult leaders ensure we make sound, safe, and practical decisions and support us in what we want to accomplish.

I'm pretty busy with a lot of activities.  What sort of time commitment is this going to be?

All of the Scouts are very involved in sport, school, community, church, and synagogue activities.  As with any activity, you need to make a commitment in order to successful in what you are doing and to enjoy it at the same time.  The adult leaders recommend that the boys attend at least 75% of weekly meetings and 50% of the monthly outings.  Most boys find it possible to achieve this even with their other commitments.

How much does this cost?

Troop 3 collects dues of $90 annually.   Boys may optionally subscribe to Boy's Life Magazine, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America.  The National Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America has an Popcorn Sales Campaign annual unit funding. Some of the proceeds are returned directly to the Scout which can be used for camp fees and dues.  Monthly campouts usually cost $10-$30 to cover fees and food.  Annual week-long summer camp typically costs around $340. 

What happens at the weekly Troop meetings?

We meet almost every week.  At the troop meetings, we prepare for (and clean up!) from our outings, learn new scout skills, and work on rank advancement.  The end of every meeting ends with a vigorous (and loud) competitive game!

What kind of outings does Troop 3 go on?

This past year, we have gone on camp-outs featuring canoeing, orienteering, bicycle camping, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and even rifle-shooting on a outdoor range with certified instructors.  Team-building campouts, pioneering craft campout and a 'fun' campout at an adventure theme park are other things that we do.  The highlight of the Scout year is our week at summer camp, which we have usually spent at Resica Falls Scout Reservation in PA.

What do my parents have to do?

Committed and interested parents stand behind successful Boy Scouts.  Every parent is asked to contribute support in some way.  This may be by serving as a registered adult leader, or by simply participating in car pools to transport Scouts to and from their camps and activities. Many parents find a merit badge that fits within their vocation or avocation for which they can serve as a counselor for a couple of Scouts every year.  Most importantly, we ask that the parents support you in your accomplishments!