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Cub Scout Pack 1385
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The Wolf Program 2015-2016


Welcome to the Wolf Den!

Den Number 10
Second Grade

or 7-8 years old

Den Leader : Mr. Jason Trubenbach

Assistant Den Leader : Mrs. Tammy DiCocco
Den Chief : Alejandro Lizarralde

Our Goals

A year-round family, home, and community centered program that encourages ethical decision-making skills.

The boys will learn lots of stuff and have lots of fun both with the other scouts and with their families!  Some of that includes staying healthy, making a meal, knowing their home, community and country, building things, being safe, making good choices, and much, much more!
For a complete list, go to : 
What the Wolves are Doing...
"Hi Wolves and prospective Wolves! We're having a great year so far, but it'll be better when you get here! When you have registered as a new Wolf and have received and accepted your invitation to join Scoutlander, be sure to contact me using the Broadcast System. That way we can at least meet electronically and you can provide input and resources (for example, "my mom is a Physical Education teacher and she knows lots of fun games") that can become part of our program plan.
In the meantime, be sure to attend the next Pack-provided activity listed on the Pack's "Home Page" for loads of Cub Scout fun. You'll very likely see me there!"

Mr. Jason Trubenbach
Wolf Den Leader

Wolf Uniform
Note:  Wolf and Bear uniforms are the same except for the hat, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, and socks. 

  • Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve- your choice)*
  • Hat
  • Yellow Wolf Neckerchief
  • Wolf Neckerchief Slide  
  • Pants (recommend the convertible zip off pant legs for summer wear as well)
  • Blue belt with Cub Scout belt buckle
  • Yellow banded blue Cub Scout socks

*Size the shirt rather large as it should last until at least the third grade.

The Uniform Code:

Your son will be encouraged by leaders and should be encouraged by parents to wear his uniform appropriately. The shirt should always be tucked in and orderly. He should understand the importance of representing the entire Boy Scout Organization while in uniform.

Sewing Time...

The image to the left will help with the placement of emblems and patches. See the attached patch and badge placement guide for more details. No time to sew? We recommend "Jenny's" in Quantico Town. She charges $1 to sew on most patches, $2 for large patches or patches sewn onto pockets.

Patches You'll Need to Buy
  • Natitonal Capital Area Council Patch
  • Pack 1385 numerals
  • Den Numeral
  • World Scouting Fleur de Lis Patch

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