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Opportunities To Help

There are many ways parents and other adults can volunteer their time and talents to help shape the next generation of leaders.  As the saying goes "many hands make light work" (John Heywood, 1546).  The following is a summary of a few ways you can contribute to the success of Troop 514:

Merit badge counselor:  A merit badge counselor guides scouts through the requirements of a specific merit badge.  There are over 100 merit badges available to scouts (please visit & for detailed lists).  Scouts who desire to earn the rank of Eagle Scout (the highest rank and honor available to a scout) must complete thirteen (13) mandatory and nine (9) other merit badges before their eighteenth birthday (along with an Eagle service project, please refer to the Boy Scout Handbook for a complete listing of all rank advancement requirements).  All of us have certain talents that we can share with scouts by serving as a merit badge counselor.  While this is the minimum level of commitment the Troop expects of all parents, it is a very significant role.

Short-term volunteer positions:  Various opportunities exist to champion a specific need of the Troop for a short period of time.  Positions such as Summer Camp Coordinator, Popcorn Sale Coordinator ("Kernel"), Pointsetta/Wreath Sale Coordinator, Merit Badge Marathon Coordinator,  and T-Shirt Coordinator to name a few.  These positions require a contribution of time and organizational talents for a limited period of time.

Assistant scoutmasters ("ASM's"): Assistant scoutmasters are adults who attend various troop activities on a regular basis throughout the year.  Troop meetings, Troop outings, Summer camp, and Northstar District Camporees are just a few examples of the kinds of activities where you will find ASM's donating their time and talent to the troop.  These individuals form the backbone of the scouting program.  Their dedication and regular attendance support the Scoutmaster, Senior Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop Committee achieve their goal of delivering a high-quality program to the scouts and scouting families of Troop 514.

Eagle coach/advisor:  Eagle coaches/advisors play an important role in providing support for scouts as they work towards obtaining their Eagle rank.  These individuals will review a scout's merit badge progress, encourage a scout to develop a timeline for completing the requisite number and combination of merit badges and will be a sounding board for the scout's ideas concerning their Eagle service project.  The Scoutmaster will pair a scout with an Eagle advisor as soon as the scout earns their Life rank or turns age 15 (whichever occurs first).

Scoutmaster and Senior Assistant Scoutmaster:  These individuals ensure that the goals and objectives set by the Troop Committee are effectively communicated to the ASM's and delivered to the scouts themselves.  One of these two individuals attend all regular troop meetings, outings, summer camp, troop committee meetings and patrol leaders council meetings ("PLC").

Troop committee members:  Troop committee members meet the first Wednesday of each month to oversee various activities.  The committee consists of an Activities Chair(s),  Advancement Chair, Chaplain, Secretary, Treasurer, Troop Committee Chair, Training Coordinator and  Quartermaster(s).  While formal terms (or term limits) do not exist, having committee members agree to serve for a minimum of one year makes for a cohesive and consistent "executive committee".

Generally new scouts join Troop 514 in February (when Webelos II scouts finish their cub scout careers and "cross over" into Boy Scouts).  We welcome all new scouts and their families.  We ask that parents of new scouts OBSERVE how the troop functions (from March until June), BECOME TRAINED and start to PARTICIPATE (July until October) and then COMMIT to a specific position or task (as discussed above). Earlier involvement is always welcomed!

BSA administered Youth Protection Training ("YPT") and Virtus training are required before adult volunteers are allowed to work with scouts.