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Boy Scout Troop 514
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Troop History

Boy Scout Troop 514 was established in 1998.  The Troop is chartered (sponsored) by St. Monica Catholic Church.  The St. Monica community has been very supporting of Troop 514, providing facilities for our meetings, supporting us financially and helping scouts grow to be mature, contributing members of society.  While it is not a requirement for Troop members to have attended St. Monica school (kindergarten through eighth grade), a majority of our scouts and scout families are associated with St. Monica's.

Eagle Scouts

The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank and honor a scout can obtain during his scouting career.  Culminating his entire scouting career, a scout must earn six prior ranks (Scout, Tenderfoot, Second class, First class, Star and Life), serve in various qualifying positions of responsibility, earn thirteen (13) mandatory merit badges and nine (9) elective merit badges and lead a group of scouts and adults in planning, organizing, fund-raising, and executing a service project (the Eagle Service Project).  The Boy Scouts of America estimate that MILLIONS of volunteer hours have been invested in countless service projects which have benefitted local communities.  All of these requirements must be completed before the scout turns eighteen (18) years old.  The Eagle Scout rank has opened many doors of opportunity for young men (military service academies, higher education and employment).  The following Eagle scouts earned their wings in Troop 514:

    2001                        2007                        2011
Andrew Stasic            Mark Cappel                Adam Kern
                               Colin Davidson             Tyler Knoblach
    2002                     Alex Kovach                Joshua Schmidt
Brandon Courter          Nick Stasic
Michael Jamison          Joseph Whitman
Joseph Parker                                                2012
Allen Taylor                    2008                      Neil Brady
                               Andrew Brun                Zachery Vandermissen 
    2003                     Matt Green
Bryan Gross                Parker Stevens               2013
                                                                Jason Sanders
    2005                        2009                       Joshua Beckemeyer 
Emmanuel Daniels        Michael Conway           Colin Watson
                                R.J. Gargas                 Daniel Sweeney
    2006                      Nick Kovach
Raymond Bond             Mark Satterly
Cory Chapman             Mitchell Scott
Tom Halsema
Paul Ketterer                  2010
Jonathan Meer            Jacob Cappel
                                Joe Lamberjack
                                Andrew Mattice