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Troop Organization

The Troop offers two opportunities to hold leadership positions. The first is at the Troop level.  The second is at the Patrol level. This gives each boy a chance develop individual and team working skills. Many of the scouts go beyond the Troop to participate and hold leadership positions in both Mic-O-Say and Order of the Arrow honor programs.  

Leadership and organization of the Troop activities is the responsibility of the Scouts

Opportunities for leadership positions at the Troop and Patrol levels

Participation is encouraged in both Mic-O-Say and Order of the Arrow honor programs

Leadership opportunities are available in both programs for the Scouts

Troop Activities

Troop 86 camps at least twelve times per year and offers the choice of summer camps at Camp Naish, Camp Bartle, or at one of the high adventure camps for the older scouts.  Through these activities, Scouts develop outdoor skills through hands-on experience and learn to work as a team by planning and preparing meals, organizing events, and participating in group activities. These skills along with earning merit badges are an essential part of rank advancement.

Opportunities to camp 12 months per year

Offer the choice of summer camps at Camp Naish, Camp Bartle, or at one of the high adventure camps for the older Scouts

Develop new outdoor skills with each campout

Learn leadership and organizational skills during weekly Scout meetings

Assistance with the requirements for merit badges and rank advancements

Participate in multiple service and conservation projects throughout the year

Troop Parents

The organization of Troop 86 is built on boy leadership; however, parent involvement is needed to lend assistance and guidance to the youth leaders.  
The level of participation of the parents directly correlates to the enjoyment and success of the boys in Scouting.

Cost and Fundraising

Troop 86 tries to make Scouting affordable for everyone by keeping registration fees low and camping on private land. 

The scouts have fundraising opportunities that can help them offset the costs of scouting events and summer camp and participation in these events is optional.  

The troop holds one pancake breakfast each year which is the only event that helps raise money for the troop.

Low registration fees

Use of private land for camping

Opportunities for Scouts to offset event and summer camp costs through optional fundraisers

Active Scouts participate in one pancake breakfast to benefit the Troop

Scout's Expectations

If your son is crossing over from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts or if he is new to Scouting, he may have some expectations for his experience as a Scout.
Troop 86 strives to help by providing the following:

Encourage rank advancement

Opportunities for leadership positions in the Troop and patrol

Develop outdoor and personal skills

Encouragement to develop personal and social skills

Growth in maturity and self-reliance

Experience working as a team