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Become a Leader of a Girl Scout Troop in your area

Who Me? A Girl Scout Volunteer? Yes! U

         Girl Scout volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are stay-at-home or working moms and dads who want more quality time with their daughters. Many are grandparents or retirees. Others are professional women or college students who may not have daughters, yet know the value of the Girl Scout experience.

 Changing a Life…It’s Forever

Whether you are a young adult looking to be a role model or an adult willing to give a few hours per week to facilitate a program designed to help girls grow, you are in the right place… we need you! There are two ways for adults to volunteer with the Girl Scout organization:

As an Adult Volunteer
This allows you to share your passion with an organization committed to the development of girls. We'll match your skills, talents and interests to service-oriented volunteer opportunities.

As a Troop Leader
Troop Leaders volunteer to lead a troop or group of girls within a specific age level. Our council and Service Unit provides training to ensure your success as a Leader. Troop Leaders are also connected with a network of veteran volunteer leaders who will help answer their questions and provide ongoing support.

Adult Volunteer Requirements
All adult volunteers are asked to submit a volunteer application that includes a background check to insure the safety of our girls, as well as an adult registration form. The annual fee for registration is $30. Financial assistance is available. To begin your journey with Girl Scouts, visit for further details or email us here on Scoutlander.