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Paying for Annual Dues/Fees

Annual Dues
The annual dues for the 2022 scouting year are due by October 30th. We have several payment options. You can pay electronically via PayPal or Venmo or you can pay in person via cash or check at the next pack event.

If you are a new member, you already paid the prorated dues for the remainder of the 2021 scouting year. The annual dues are for the upcoming 2022 year. The $120 annual dues cover your scout’s 2022 membership, which pays for membership in the BSA ($72), the Chief Seattle Council’s fees ($12), and a portion of the pack's costs for the year ($36).

If your scout wants to receive Scout Life magazine, that is an additional $12 fee on top of the $120 annual dues.

If you need financial assistance, please reach out to us, and we can work with you confidentially to find an alternative solution.