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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting is a year-round program uniquely designed to meet the needs of young boys and their parents. The program offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness. Service projects, ceremonies, games, and other activities guide boys through the core values and give them a sense of personal achievement. Through positive peer group interaction and parental guidance, boys also learn honesty, bravery, and respect. Family involvement is an essential part of Cub Scouting and parents are encouraged to play an active role in the program. Through interaction between parents, leaders, and friends, boys learn citizenship, compassion, and courage. This family-and community-centered approach to learning means that Cub Scouting is truly time well spent.

What are the requirements to join Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouting is for boys in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 11.5 years of age. Boys who are older than 11.5, or who have completed the fifth grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Boy Scouting or Venturing program.

What does Cub Scouting offer my son?

As a parent, you want your son to grow up to be self-reliant, dependable, and a caring individual. Scouting has these same goals in mind for him. Since 1910, we have been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities designed to strengthen character, good citizenship, and physical fitness in youth. But we know that boys do not join Scouting just to get their character built. Boys join because it is fun.

Cub Scouting means "doing." There are lots to do as a Cub Scout—crafts, games, sports, songs, stories, and puzzles, to name a few things.

Cub Scouts also go to events like the annual blue and gold banquet, field contests, and derbies such as the pinewood derby. They go on field trips. They go camping and have other kinds of outdoor adventures. They take part in community events.

Cub Scouts Earn Awards, while having fun. The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program is one example, where Cub Scouts get to learn about favorite subjects such as art, math, science, and citizenship. Or they play individual and team sports such as archery, gymnastics, skating, or soccer.

How does participation in Cub Scouting affect participation in other activities?

The Cub Scout program is designed to complement many other extracurricular activities. Typical time commitment is two Den meetings and one Pack meeting per month. Boys who participate in organized sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, etc., or academic-based extracurricular activities like music, art, science etc., can be recognized for these activities through Cub Scout belt loops and pins which are worn on their uniform.

What are the responsibilities of a parent?

Family involvement is essential to Cub Scouting's success. When we talk about "family" in Cub Scouting, we're sensitive to the realities of present-day families. Many Cub Scouts do not come from traditional two-parent homes. Some boys live with a single parent or with other relatives or guardians. Cub Scouting considers a boy's family to be the people with whom he lives.

As the adult partner, you:

· Work with your son on projects

· Help your Cub Scout along the advancement trail

· Participate in monthly pack meetings

· Attend parent-leader conferences

· Go on family campouts with your son

· Provide support for your son's den and pack

Do Cub Scouts go camping?

Yes! Camping and outdoor activities fulfill a Cub Scouts dream of fun, excitement and adventure. They provide a natural setting for quality time with family and friends. Camping even satisfies young men’s curiosity about the pioneering way of life in America.

Pack 836 typically has two family camping excursions – one in the fall and one in the spring. These include activities, games, rank advancement ceremonies, campfire stories and skits. In addition to pack campouts, there are district and council wide events including day camps and resident camps.

What other activities are available to Cub Scouts and their families?

Our Pack is very active, providing a rich environment for boys and their families. Typical annual events include:

·         Holiday Parades

·         Cub Mobile Race

·         Blue & Gold Banquet

·         Pinewood Derby

·         Rain gutter Regatta

·         Bicycling, bowling, etc.

·         Overnight Camping

·         Field trips

·         Community Service Activities

·         and more!

How much is it going to cost?

The annual BSA membership dues are $108. Your son will also need a uniform and a hand book at a cost of approximately $100. Other costs could include admission fees such as those for Day Camp, Resident Camps, and field trips.

These annual dues are based on a calendar year. Any new scouts joining mid-year will pay a prorated fee for the remainder of that year.

Pack 836 participates in the annual Popcorn Sales fundraiser. We use the proceeds from this to cover all pack expenses for the year, including rank advancements, awards and patches. If you elect not to participate in this fundraiser, there could be an additional pack fee to cover our expenses.

How often are the meetings?

Cub Scouts usually meet in their Dens twice each month, and a Pack meeting is held for all Cub Scouts and their families once a month. Beyond that, it depends on the Den and Pack: a Den may hold a special activity, such as a service project or visit to a local museum in place of one of the weekly meetings or in addition to the weekly meetings. Likewise, the Pack may conduct a special event such as a rocket launch, campout, or service activity as an additional event, rather than a substitute for its monthly Pack meeting.

How can I learn more?

The best way to learn about what a Cub Scout really does is to talk with a Cub Scout who is engaged in the program. You can come to a pack or den meeting as a guest. Please call or contact us as indicated above and we will visit with you about our program.

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