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Boy Scout Troop 1372
(Manassas Park, Virginia)
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Band of Brothers Ceremony

Previous Troop 1372 Band of Brothers Ceremonies:

March 21, 2021, Camp Snyder, Haymarket, VA

September 19, 2020, Camp Snyder, Haymarket, VA

March 19, 2016, NORVA Star Tannery, VA

November 21, 2015 Prince William Forest Park, VA

September 19, 2015 Sky Meadows, VA

September, 9 2014 NORVA Star Tannery, VA

March 15, 2014 Camp Rock Enon, Gore, VA

January 19, 2014 Camp Rock Enon, Gore, VA

March 24, 2012, Camp Rock Enon, Gore, VA

December  3, 2011, Camp Snyder, Haymarket, VA

Neckerchief and Troop Woggles

The Troop 1372 neckchief is given to all new scouts when they first join the troop.  Our current neckerchief is the BSA standard stock OD Green in color with the BSA logo on the back. 

The neckerchief slide or woggle is presented each time a scout receives a new rank badge.  We use the traditional colors associated with each rank.  The woggle colors are:

New Scouts - OD Green
Scout Badge - Tan
Tenderfoot - Brown
Second Class - Kelly Green
First Class - Red
Star - Blue
Life - Orange
Eagle - Red, White and Blue

New Scouts, Adults and temporary replacement - OD Green



BSA Fieldbook with First Class Rank

  Each scout will receive an official BSA Fieldbook when he earns First Class rank. You've worked hard in learning your scouting skills, now its onward with merit badges and new challenges in scouting, the BSA Fieldbook will help you get there! Congrat's - you've earned it!  

 What's That Patch??

What’s that little red patch that some guys wear under the Troop number on their right sleeve?  All scouts and leaders that started the new troop and registered up until the first recharter on February 29, 2012 are considered to be a founding member of the troop and are authorized to wear the “Founders” strip.  Anyone after that date is ineligible to wear the strip.  Remember how our nation has “Founding Fathers?”  Well, this is the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) way to recognize those early pioneers that helped start our Troop.  All members of Troop 1372 will still participate in a Band of Brothers Ceremony.