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Brett Swank Memorial Award

Duty to God, duty to country, and service to others are the ideals each scout promises when he takes the Scout Oath.  As a member of Troop 412, Brett Swank incorporated these ideals into his life as he grew to adulthood.  He joined the U.S. Army following graduation from high school.  While fulfilling the essence of the Scout Oath, duty to God, country, and service to others, he was killed in action in Iraq.

To honor his service and his memory, Troop 412 established the Brett Swank Memorial Award.  A scout or scouter may be nominated for this award based on service above or beyond expectations as exemplified by Brett Swank.  The service may take place inside or outside the context of scouting but must represent the highest ideals of the Scout Oath.

Brett Swank Memorial Award Recipients

2010    Ronald Wolfe
2008    Torrey Shirk
2007    Alex Bailor
2006    Greg Spittle
2005    Dave Roof