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Boy Scout Troop 232
(Osage Beach, Missouri)
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Mother's day Campout

We all cooked Breakfast for our mothers. 

Katy Trail Campout

Standing in front of the oldest oak tree in Missouri.

Camping 101

This camp is where we teach our new scouts how to camp and cook.

Hidden Valley Ski Trip 2015

Some scouts learn how to ski.

Electronics Merit Badge Class

Some of our scouts are taking the electronics merit badge.

IBEX 2015

Scouts climbing a rockwall.

Fly Fishing/Fishing Merit Badge at Lake of the Oza

 Learning to tie a fly Trying to fish

Cave Campout

It was cold and windy that night. In the morning we got to go in the cave. we saw a few bats and some of us even saw a type of frog in there. Once we came out we were all muddy.

HaHaTonka Campout

It was cold out there from what I heard. They also got some advancement requirements done. Some of our new scouts even got to rank up.

Civil war reenactment

Our troop worked at the civil war reenactment by selling hot dogs and hamburgers. We also worked at a rope station where we made rope. This camp out was a two night camp out. Our troop as the crowd control.

Summer Camp 2012

The older scouts did not come to this years summer camp. This years theme was Olympics. Our troop has entered ultimate, water polo, and kickball. Our troop got Bronze in Water polo. We had a lot of boys that got called out to O.A. These boys are Malachi,  Robby, Matthew, Kevin, Buck, and Ryan.

Survival Campout

We survived 3 days and 2 nights. We were able to get our wilderness survival merit badge. We encountered an armadillo.

Bike Trip

We rode our bikes on the katy trail. Some scouts rode 20 miles and some rode 18. People who rode 20 miles ate on the trail. The others rode back to the camp site and had lunch there.

March-Camping 101-Lake Ozarks State Park, Camp Pin

 Conditions were extremely muddy for our first campout of 2012.   The weather was very nice and view was very pretty, but rain from the previous week made conditions difficult for low impact camping.   Bob White spent several hours training the new boys on fire and knife safety during the day on Saturday.     
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Pic_0323_103.jpg Friday night setup of camp site  
Pic_0324_108.jpg Free time fishing  
Pic_0324_110.jpg Saturday evening  

Veteran Day Parade

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Veteran's Parade.jpg  

Ski Trip

CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH was the sound our skis and snowboards made. We skied from 9:00a.m. until 10:00p.m. Some of use had races and some just did free style. Not all of us snowboarded, but over all we all had lots of fun!

Lake of Ozarks- St Patricks Day parade

Total of twelve troop members  made it to the Saturday event

On January 28,2012,
Troop 232 went to IBEX
 Climbing Gym near Kansas City.
 Several scouts got the Climbing Merit
 badge.  You can see all merit badges available
 on the Merit Badge tab. This was our second year we
 have gone to IBEX and we plan to go again next year.  We had 

Arrow Rock

IT WAS COLD!!!!!! On December 10-11 we went to Arrow Rock. We worked on the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge and the American Heritage merit badge. We had a long walk to the merit badge class. Over all we had fun. cub scouts from 229 join us for the camp out.


We had a lock-in at Harper Chapel.  We brought Wii, DS, Xbox and other games.  We had a ping pong tournament.  Kyler was the winner and Malachi got second.  We stayed up till 1:30 a.m. The next morning we packed up, went to Church and sold popcorn.


Merit badge University

We left for Mizzou at 6:00 in the morning. Some of the merit badges classes we took were Space Exploration, Pet Care, Nuclear Science and Oceanography.  We had so much fun, we can wait to go back.

Merit Badge Campout at Hohn

We went to Camp Hohn and had alot of fun there. We all worked on merit badges such as Citizenship in the World, Citizenship in the Community, Space eEploration, ect.  We camped at McHenry and th weather was good.


We worked at the Great Rivers Council Sporting Clays Tournament.  We launched the clay pigeons when the shooters yelled "PULL". We camped at the event site. 


We had a really fun time. We got alot of merit bages like Crime Prevention, Aviation, Computers, Stamp Colletion, Finger Printing, and more.


We had fun at summer camp. We got alot of merit badges like swimming, first aid, ecology, art, archery, citizenship of the world and others. We made lots of pioneering projects.  Congratulations to Jack T., Tyler Z. and Travis T. for being called out for Order of the Arrow.  Both patrols received a certificate for Honor Patrol.  We can't wait until the next summer camp.


We were happy to be asked by the Osage Beach Elks Lodge to participate in a flag ceremony that told the history of the American Flag.


We had a nice one-night campout in the field behind Harper Chapel United Methodist Church.  The boys had alot of fun.  The Viper Patrol with the help of the Badger Partol earned thier Firem'n Chit.  Bob White helped the Viper Patrol with their Totin' Chip.  Sunday morning we attended the worship service at Harper Chapel.  We all ate good food and the weather was nice. 


On April 2, 2011 we went to IBEX Climbing Gym.  There were two types of walls.  They had ten foot bouldering walls and several thirty-two feet rope walls.  We were able to climb on all the walls in the gym.  The parents and the older scouts learned to belay.  They were able to belay scouts and other adults.  We ate Dominos pizza and IT WAS GOOD!  We are not sure who had the most fun, the scouts or the parents.  At midnight we grabbed our sleeping bags and slept on the gym floor.  The next day we ate breakfast at Denny's then headed back to the lake.  We can't wait until next January to go back again.