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What should I bring camping?

One of the most asked questions by new parents to Pack 208 is, “What do I need for camping?”. Here is our recommended list of things you need for camping with the pack…

Camping Necessities

  • Tent – As a general guide, tents listed for X number of people can comfortably sleep half of X plus your gear. Therefore, a 6 person tent is suitable for a family of 3 plus gear.
  • Tarp – A tarp is laid on the ground to protect the floor of your tent.
  • Air mattress/cot – Unless you enjoy sleeping on the hard ground, an air mattress or folding cot is a necessity for sleeping.
  • Inflation device – A battery operated or rechargeable inflation device is recommended for inflating your air mattress.
  • Sleeping bag – Although we live in Florida, it can get chilly at night. An arctic, sub-zero sleeping bag isn’t necessary. A warm weather sleeping bag rated for 40-60 degrees will be suitable.
  • Lanterns & Flashlights – Lanterns are needed for your tent. Flashlights are helpful for getting around in the dark.
  • Camping chairs – Bring a comfortable camping chair for everyone in your family. You will appreciate a comfortable chair after an afternoon of activities. You will also need a camping chair at the campfire.
  • Reusable water bottles/drinking cups

Personal Necessities

  • Closed-toe shoes – Do not wear sandals when camping. We do camp in areas with fire ants and other biting, crawling insects.
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun block
  • Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap
  • First Aid kit
  • Snacks/drinks
  • Rain ponchos

Feel free to bring other items to make you comfortable, however keep in mindthat you may not be able to drive up to your camp site to load/unload yourgear.

On most camping trips the pack provides breakfast,lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday, before departing camp. You are responsible for dinner on Friday if plan to camp out that night. a two day camping trip.  

The pack has coffee, orange juice  and milk for breakfast and Gatorade/Powerade and water for lunch and dinner. You may wish to bring snacks for between meals and a cooler for drinks if you prefer other beverages.

If your Scout has special dietary needs, it is recommended that you bring your own meals. You may use the pack’s cooking equipment and utensils forpreparing your meals.

All campgrounds used by the pack will have basic facilities. Some of the campgrounds may have showers.

Camping Policies
Scouts may only sleep in the tent of his parent/guardian. This is in compliance with Youth Protection.